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United Life Publications Journals are a helpful, free open access, Online - based journal focusing on Life sciences, Education, Physical Education and Management. This journal has a panel of experts on its Editorial Board and has come out with interesting articles within a brief period of its launching. This is proved by the fact that the journal is already indexed in various databases and repositories. United Life Publications Journals is expected to launch other new journals in different subjects, in the near future. The aim of the United Life Publications access is to bring in academia, research, and publication into a friendly platform.           

All our journals are Open access with highest quality publishing values and ethics. Articles published in our journals are indexed in major indexing services and journal listing; we are planning to list in many more indexing services soon. Authors publishing their research works in our journals will get wide publicity through online and print promotions and indexing.  

We are taking serious efforts to promote our journals across the globe in various ways, we are sure that our journals will act as a scientific platform for all researchers to publish their works online. 

Most of the journals published in United Life Publications (ULP)  are available through DOAJ, Thompson Reuters and also indexed in major bibliographic databases including Index Copernicus, Google Scholar, Scirus, Indianscience, Chemical Abstracts-USA, EBSCO, Geosciences ring, CiteceerX. Full journal content is also available through Open-J Gate. Please refer the particular journal home page for indexing details.

In addition, United Life Publications Journals functions as an ideal partner for publishing all kind of research (both  print  and Online) in a broad and timely manner. We provide high-quality print and digital publishing solutions and assist you to create  accurate  and skillfully produced content that's ready to print. We undertake publishing of all kind of print and online materials including souvenirs, books, journals, magazines, white papers, pamphlets.

We welcome research scholars, academia and others working on various research verticals to utilise our service to publish their research articles.

Latest News

  • Call for papers for Inaugural Issue - 2016

    We take pride and pleasure in lunching our new journal IJBTR. Manuscripts are invited for inaugural issue - 2016.
  • Call for papers - IJABMR

    We take pride and pleasure in launching "International Journal of Advanced Business Management and Research (IJABMR)". PLEASE REGISTER TO SUBMIT YOUR MANUSCRIPT ONLINE.

    We take pride and pleasure in launching “United Life Publications"

  • Welcome to IJALS

    We take pride and pleasure in launching the new and improved version of "International Journal of Advanced Life Sciences". This new version comes with lot of new features like Online manuscript submission, tracking status, acknowledgement emails and many more.
  • Manuscripts are invited for Inaugural issue - 2015

    Manuscripts are invited for publication in IJABMR - 2016 Issue. PLEASE REGISTER TO SUBMIT YOUR MANUSCRIPT ONLINE.


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