About Us

The establishment of this Journal, IJALS is an confront to the wishes and needs of many researchers, research scholars, academicians, scientists, students, teachers and industrialists in developing nations who need free access to quality materials online. This Journal opts to bring solution to this problem, and to encourage research development.

IJALS aims at establishing a publishing abode that is open to all. IJALS would attain much care in making your article published without much delay with your kind co-operation.

Mission of IJALS

Our mission is to contribute to the progress and relevance of scientific discoveries, by providing free access to research information online without financial, authoritative or technical barriers. All Research articles published in our Journal can be freely distributed and available from multiple websites. IJALS aims to  breaking new frontiers in the world of Journals.

IJALS Journal Achievements

IJALS  aims to  become a major international research Journal. We attain, amplify, promote and distribute the knowledge through the long-windedness of academics and practitioners from around the world. The Manuscripts/Articles published by us maintain  highest standards of quality, incorporated newsrooms by researchers around the world.

IJALS Journals Values

At IJALS we have a visible set of values for delivering our vision. These are: Research Orientation - IJALS seek to socialize a balanced mix of high quality academic or levelheaded research articles, review articles and short communications editorials as well as educational and curricular issues surrounding different domains of Life Sciences, Education and Physical Educations.

Valuing Our Users

IJALS gives importance to the development and retaining of outstanding peoples. It empowers people to maximize their potential contribution and encourage them to be entrepreneurial. IJALS is eager to develop the strong coordination with researchers, academics, students and industrial practitioners. IJALS is constantly looking for new ideas & suggestions.