Q: How does IJLSER functions?

IJLSER is the association of Academicians, Scientists, Research Scholars, Professors, Directors, Doctors, Students of various fields like Applied life Science, Education and Physical Education ILSER helps the researchers free of cost by providing right direction in their research with the help of its worldwide research association members. For more detail log on to www.ijlser.com

Q: What kind of papers does IJLSER (International Journal for Life Sciences and Educational Research) publish?
IJLSER aims to publish research papers in all the areas of Applied Life Sciences, Education and Physical Education. The research paper publication process starts with the submission of your research paper via online submission.

Q: How can we submit our paper for publication in IJLSER Journals?

You can submit your manuscript through the following link: http://www.unitedlifejournals.com/ijlser/user-login.php

Q: Should I register to submit a manuscript?

Yes, authors should register to submit your manuscript online through the Electronic submission system. For further details visit http://www.unitedlifejournals.com/guidelines.php

Q: How much time it takes for review process?

The peer review process will be usually completed within 15 - 20 days time, depending upon the number of research papers in queue.

Q: How does the review process work?

The review of articles is done through blind peer review system. All the articles received by IJLSER should not contain the name of the authors and other details, these details should be provided in the Covering Letter form during the time of submission.  This way the review would be impartial.

Q : Is it possible to submit the same article to IJLSER and another Journal simultaneously?

No. While submitting the manuscript the corresponding authors should declare that the manuscript is original and is not published or communicated for publication elsewhere either in part or full. Without declaration the manuscript are not considered for their publication.

Q: What are paper processing charges?

Each accepted paper is required to pay the processing charge of Rs. 1050/-  or US dollar $110 or Euro 90 per manuscript before accept paper is published.

Q: How to pay the processing charges?

There are following different ways to deposit fees:
1. By transferring fees through their net banking.
2. By Demand Draft (DD).
3. Western Union Transfer option.
For more clarification vist  http://www.unitedlifejournals.com/ijlser/subpage.php?pid=14 or feel free to mail us at editorijlser@gmail.com

Q: Does IJLSER provide hard copy of the Issue?

Yes, IJLSER provides hard copy of issue for the authors who had subscribed for our Journal. Hard copy of a single issue can be requested by sending an email to editor@ijlser.com or editorijlser@gmail.com. The author should pay the printing and delivery charges which shall be intimated at the time of request.

Q: Is IJLSER indexed ?

Yes, IJLSER is indexed in DOAJ and many more websites. You can refer the home page for more details.

Q: What is Electronic ISSN of IJLSER Journal?

IJLSER  Electronic ISSN number : 2321 - 1229

Q: What is Print ISSN number of IJLSER Journal?

IJLSER Print ISSN number :  2321 - 1180

Q: What are the subscription charges for institutions like Universities, Colleges and Libraries etc?

For details of subscription charges please visit the link http://www.unitedlifejournals.com/subscription.php

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